San Andreas Highway Patrol

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San Andreas Highway Patrol

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San Andreas Highway Patrol
"Safety, Service, and Security"

The San Andreas Highway Patrol is the police department of the server. Policing makes or breaks a server and at SOSA we strive to provide people with a realistic approach to all aspects of roleplay. Policing is no exception.

San Andreas Highway Patrol

Our application process is more thorough than your typical server. Any aspiring candidate must pass in all areas before being able to patrol by themselves. The process is as follows:
  1. Initial Application
  2. Interview
  3. Academy (includes theoretical and practical)
  4. Examination
  5. Phase 0 (Introduction to the forum and our CAD)
  6. Phase 1 (Patrol with an officer and observe and ask questions)
  7. Phase 2 (Patrol with an officer but take control over the practical aspects)
  8. Phase 3 (Patrol with an officer who is only there to supervise and observe)
  9. Performance Evaluation Test (PET)
Once the PET is complete, you will be placed on a probationary period of two weeks. You will be assigned a Sergeant who is your direct point of contact for any issues, including feedback, concerns or complaints. During this period you will be able to patrol by yourself. Interested in applying to the San Adreas Highway Patrol? Send in an application via:

Not sure if you want to apply? Not a problem! The San Andreas Highway Patrol offer civilians the opportunity to partake in a ride-along scheme. This will allow you to join officers in the field and see what they get up to on a day-to-day basis. Check out the program under the Front Desk located here.

Our Department is structured much like other servers. Upon completion of the academy you will start at the rank of Trooper. Progression through the Department is rewarded by access to a variety of vehicles at each level and the opportunity to join in on a variety of courses and trainings to further enhance your skillset and experience. Promotions and rewards are issued out at the monthly meeting, which takes place on the first Saturday of each month. We also post a memorandum for those that can't make the meeting to ensure they are kept up-to-date. The rank format is as follows:
  • Commissioner
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Chief of Police
  • Deputy Chief of Police
  • Commander (High Command)
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
  • Sergeant (Department Staff | Direct Supervisor)
  • Corporal (Supervisory school)
  • Senior Trooper
  • Master Trooper
  • Trooper First Class
  • Trooper
  • Probationary Trooper

An officer may patrol as any number of departments under the San Andreas Highway Patrol umbrella. Each have different uniforms, vehicles, and patrol areas which is determined by the area of play at the time. As of now, we have a collective of 13 departments in addition to several federal agencies. These include:
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Los Santos Sheriff's Department
  • Los Santos International Airport Police
  • Los Santos School Police
  • Los Santos Port Police
  • Mirror Park Police Department
  • Rockford Hills Police Department
  • Del Perro Police Department
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
  • San Andreas State Parks
  • San Andreas State Prison Authority
  • Blaine County Sheriff's Department
  • Office of Public Safety
  • National Parks Service
  • Patriotism & Immigrations Authority
  • Drug Observation Agency

After passing your probationary period officers are offered the opportunity to join up to three of our seven subdivisions in addition to several courses including:

  • Detective Bureau (Gang and Narcotics Units, Investigatory Unit, Gang Enforcement Division)
  • Metropolitan Division (S.W.A.T, Canine Platoon)
  • Recruitment & Training (Field Training Officers, Training Officers)
  • Pursuit Intervention Unit (Dedicated Pursuit Team)
  • Inland Air Operations (Rotary, Fixed-Wing, Rescue Team)
  • Public Relations (Promotional Material, Events)
  • Internal Affairs (Investigatory Division for the Department's conduct)
  • Motorbike Unit
  • Beanbag Rifle Course

Our CAD system is fairly advanced and intuitive. It won't take long to get used to. This is covered during our Phase 0 period in the academy. The CAD allows officers to search the database for people and create citations, arrests, BOLOs (be-on-(the)-look-out), and warrants. Reports submitted by officers are then reviewed by their direct supervisor to ensure that probable cause is met and that officers are submitting reports that are grammatically sound. To find more information on this topic, review the following guide: CAD Information.