San Andreas Fire Rescue

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San Andreas Fire Rescue

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San Andreas Fire Rescue
"Serving with Courage, Integrity and Pride"

The San Andreas Fire Rescue is the fire and medical services of the server. They will assist in all medical emergencies and are a vital part to our emergency services.

San Andreas Fire Rescue

The application process for the San Andreas Fire Rescue is conducted by the SAFR Recruitment and Training team. They will provide you with the knowledge and skillset to ensure you know how to treat a variety of scenarios that a medic would typically be met with whilst out in the field. You will work alongside other members of the department and use a variety of apparatus across a range of scenes. The process is as follows:
  1. Initial Application
  2. Interview
  3. Academy (includes theoretical and practical)
  4. Examination
  5. Phase 1 (Introduction to the forum and our CAD)
  6. Phase 2 (Initial orientation and operation)
  7. Phase 3 (Evaluation of activities whilst on-duty)
Once the phases are complete you will be placed on a probationary period of two weeks and will be able to operate by yourself as required or join others when responding to active scenes. Interested in applying to the San Andreas Fire Rescue? Send in an application via:

The structure of the San Andreas Fire Rescue starts at the rank of Probationary Firefighter. As you progress through the department you will be offered the chance to train in a variety of extra courses to enhance your own knowledge and experience whilst playing as a firefighter or medic. Typically you will work as part of a team to deliver effective care and treatment to the citizens of San Andreas. The rank format is as follows:
  • State Fire Chief
  • State Deputy Chief
  • State Assistant Chief
  • Battalion Chief (State Command)
  • Fire Captain
  • EMS Captain
  • Fire Lieutenant
  • EMS Lieutenant (Command)
  • Engineer
  • Assistant Engineer (Staff)
  • Senior Firefighter
  • Firefighter III
  • Firefighter II
  • Firefighter I
  • Probationary Firefighter
After passing your probationary period you are offered the opportunity to join up to three subdivisions and take part in several courses including:

  • SAFI - San Andreas Fire Investigations - Kyle G.
  • SOD - Special Operations Division - Josh J.
  • T&D - Training & Development - Ben T.
  • Brush - Jeremy V.
  • Water Rescue - SOD
  • Ladder - N/A
  • Heavy/Tech Rescue - SOD
  • Fire Watch - Jeremy V.
  • Air Ops - SOD
  • EMT-Paramedic - Jude P.
  • Fire Investigations - Kyle G.
  • Crash Units - SOD

Our CAD system is fairly advanced and intuitive. It won't take long to get used to. This is covered during our Phase 0 period in the academy. The CAD allows personnel to search the database for people and review their medical history, and create investigation and medical reports. Reports submitted by personnel are then reviewed by their direct supervisor to ensure that correct treatment was performed and that personnel are submitting reports that are grammatically sound. To find more information on this topic, review the following guide: CAD Information.