SOSA User Portal Linking Guide

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SOSA User Portal Linking Guide

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In SOSA a good percentage of our external applications such as forums, TeamSpeak etc. use automatic syncing through our SOSA API meaning roles are automatically synced to your profile depending on what discord roles you currently have, this allows for greater consistency and completely removes the need In us having to manually give out and remove roles. This is a step by step guide showing you how to properly link each of our applications through our user portal, and that this will cover predominantly syncing the TeamSpeak and forums correctly.

If you come across any issues with linking either the FiveM, TeamSpeak or Forums then please make a new ticket [.newticket in #bot-commands] and the Public Relations team will assist you In solving the issue.

Before being able to sync your roles, you will need to visit the following link and first sign In with discord.
SOSA User Portal HERE

Once you have logged In with your discord account, you're to then click on "Home" which will bring you to the following tab.
[+] User Portal Page

Forum Syncing
  • 1. You will notice that the "Forum" status on your portal is marked as "Not Linked" meaning you have yet to properly link your portal with the forums.
[+] Step 1 Forum Syncing
  • 3. The link will take you to the UCP Authentication section of the forums or the "Manage your external account associations" section. From there It will say "Discord" and then "Unique Identifier", and next to that It will prompt you to link that with the discord. Once It has been linked correctly, refresh the portal page and the API should begin to automatically assign you the correct forum roles.
[+] Step 3 Forum Syncing
  • 4. To check that It's been linked correctly, the "Forum" row on the portal should now have a green box and be marked as "Linked".

TeamSpeak Syncing
  • 1. Similar to the forums, our TeamSpeak also uses automatic syncing through our API, and that this must be first linked through the user portal.
[+] Step 1 Teamspeak Syncing
2. You will notice that the "TeamSpeak" status on your portal is marked as "Not Linked" meaning you have yet to properly link your portal with our TeamSpeak. To fix this go to "Actions" and click on "Generate Privilege Key" which will provide you with a unique key that is specific for your TeamSpeak account.

3. Connect to our TeamSpeak by going to, from there you will be brought Into the Lobby.

4. Next, navigate to the toolbar at the top of your TeamSpeak and click on "Permissions" which will then give you a dropdown.
[+] Step 4 Teamspeak Syncing
5. From there click on "Use Priviledge Key" as shown In the Image below. Once done so Input the unique key that was given to you on the user portal and click "OK".
[+] Step 5 Teamspeak Syncing
6. Refresh the user portal, If done correctly the red box should have been replaced with a green box stating that It's been "Linked". Please note that you may need to wait a while for the TeamSpeak API to register either by refreshing TeamSpeak or waiting a couple of minutes.
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