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SOSA - Media Team

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Do you have a passion for creating content in various media formats including image, video, or audio? Do you consistently upload this media and attract a number of viewers? At SOSA we have set up a team specifically set up to support and welcome In dedicated creators on SOSA. Whether you're a Twitch streamer or YouTube Creator, or even someone that gets recognized on SOSA for posting high-quality Images and videos that are regularly updated to #media and #media-submissions that represent our community In a positive light.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide everybody with a position on the SOSA Media Team, and there are several factors that determine eligibility to join.

  • Affiliate or Partner status
  • Average 10 viewers per stream
  • Average 500 live views per month
  • Have a total of 50 or more followers
  • Stream at least twice per week

  • Average 100 views per video
  • Average video retention rate of 50%
  • Upload at least two videos per week

  • High-Quality Image and/or Short Videos that are regularly uploaded to #media-submissions and then #media.
  • Upload images regularly in the #media-submissions channel in our discord.

If this interests you or if you have any questions regarding the process please create a ticket over on our Discord via the #bot-commands channel by typing ' .newticket ' and a member of our Public Relations team will be happy to assist you.

If you meet the above criteria and are accepted into the media team, various benefits will be provided. These include:
  • Priority queueing access to the server.
  • If the above requirements are met, the content creator could have a chance of getting a VIP2 package or other rewards depending on the quality and consistency of the content.
  • Access to post your streams and content (Images and/or Videos) in #media.
  • Unique 'SOSA Media Team' tag on the discord, forums, and when chatting via OOC in the server.

SOSA reserves the right to reject applications or revoke interests for the media team at any time if the content does not follow or meet our server guidelines and standards.